A Dummies Guide to Buying The Best Wine!

A Dummies Guide to Buying The Best Wine!


Getting trained to understand the taste of wine is the same as if you started to understand classical music or seriously engaged in classical art. The more effort and interest you invest in this activity, the more subtleties you will be able to understand, to enjoy the nuances and details that a really good wine can bring to you. In evaluating wines, there are plenty of nuances that should be considered. This guide for beginners will allow you to become a little more experienced as a wine connoisseur.

A Dummies Guide to Buying The Best Wine!

How to understand the taste of wine

You can define the process of tasting wine as the ability to sniff out and untangle the subtle threads that are mixed in complex wine aromas. Try to set up your receptors for maximum understanding, this is your key to unlocking the secrets of wine. Try to smell it. Smell is an incredibly important part of wine science and the recognition of fragrances can be improved endlessly. This tool is available for both professional and amateur.

Types of wines

A wine beginner might know the basic differences between red and white, but it is also important to know the main types and varieties of wines. A more severe classification will help to make assessment that is more correct.


Wine is produced in almost every country in the world. These countries in the wine environment are often called “Old world” or “New world” and they are divided into smaller regions with their own long histories of wine production in each of them. “Old world” consists of regions in Europe and parts of the Mediterranean. The most famous wine regions are France, Italy and Germany. In the “New world”, the best wine is made in Chile, Australia and USA.

These regions are located in warmer climates and have large differences in the marking and classification of grape varieties and wines from it. However, each country has a set of classes, which turns out to work best.

The most popular regions and wines

France: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Grenache, Syrah, Viognier, Chardonnay;

Italy: Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Moscato, Pinot Grigio;

US: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel;

Argentina: Malbec, Bonarda;

Chile: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc;

Australia: Shiraz, Chardonnay;

Germany: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner;

Spain: Tempranillo, Albariño, Garnacha, Palomino;

New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir;

South Africa: Pinotage, Chenin Blanc;

Reading wine labels

Paradoxically but all important information for the identification of wine you can find on the front label. However, what will be written with larger or smaller letters is a matter of design and integrity of the manufacturer. We turn our attention to the most important points.

  • The grape variety from which made the product

Wines are varietal, that is made from a single grape variety, and assemblages (blends) — this is when you mix several varieties. Introduction to the world of wine has to start with examining the differences between grape varieties. Every time you buy a wine, you first need to understand what kind it is.

  • Appellation

On the labels of European wines, grape variety is not always indicated. The French, Italians, Spaniards do not call their wines “Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot”, “Sangiovese”, and “Tempranillo” and “Bordeaux”, “Chianti” and “Rioja”. They believe that all decent people should understand that Bordeaux is a blend of Cabernet with Merlot; Chianti is made from Sangiovese, and Rioja from Tempranillo. Bordeaux, Chianti and Rioja is a wine for the appellation, i.e. at the place of origin. Varietal composition of wine is listed on American label (on the bottle in the back).

Many varieties of grapes are grown in almost all wine regions around the world. However, among regions there are always those that specialize in a particular variety.

  • The name of wine

In addition to grape variety and/or individual appellation, wines sometimes come up with its own name. Something like “Bull Power” or “Secret”.  These names do not bear the useful information, it will help you better remember the wine.

  • Crop year or vintage.

You need to study the harvests only if you want to buy some wines of the highest categories. Nevertheless, if you are holding the bottle, the label of which does not include the crop year, get it back on the shelf. It is absolutely unacceptable for the dry wines of high quality. The exceptions are sparkling wines and port wine (the real one from Portugal). They are just mostly blended wines from different harvests, and this is their special thing.

Search disadvantages of wine

Rest assured – some really bad wines are just not in that price range, which we would like to see. And this is not only manufacturer’s fault. This may be a result of poor storage, usage of low quality tubes and a host of other unseen circumstances. That is why you need to taste wine first. Here you can already manifest yourself in all its glory.

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9 Lesser Known Facts About Whiskey You Did Not Know

9 Lesser Known Facts About Whiskey You Did Not Know

Whiskey is one of the most popular drinks created by the distillation of products based on grain. Historically, whiskey closely joined the culture in the world. Especially, the whiskey influence is felt in Scotland best with what you call Scotch.

Although the history of distilled drinks dates back several thousands of years, whiskey, which we know today, slowly began to make a conquest of the people only 500 years ago. A lot of them love to drink it in a pure form with ice or without, or mix in the different proportions with Coke. Nevertheless, the fans of this wonderful drink probably do not know the history and all interesting facts about whiskey. So today, we would like to present an article about this expensive but tasty liquor.

1. George Washington founded one of the largest whiskey factories in the country. Drinking whiskey was mentioned in the Constitution. After his tenure as the first U.S. president in 1797, Washington offered James Anderson to build a factory for the distillation of whiskey. The distillery was the largest in America, which produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey in 1799, making it one of the most successful economic enterprises at Mount Vernon.

2. The word whiskey means “water of life”. Whiskey comes from the Gaelic “Uisge Beatha” meaning “water of life”. Phonetically it became the basis of the name — “usky” and then turned into the better-known “whisky”. Therefore, this drink is nothing but the water of life, my friends!

3. In the broader area, whiskey was as good as gold. In Pennsylvania in the 18th century, whiskey acted as a currency which was used for cooking, drinking, in medicine and some other things. This loyalty to whiskey did eventually lead to the uprising of farmers in 1794 who fought against taxes and fees and promised to eliminate their favorite drink. It is also known as the Whiskey Rebellion. Nevertheless, this fight was worth it.

4. Whiskey can help prevent cancer. In 2005, Dr. Jim Sven, speaking at the conference – EuroMedLab, in Glasgow, said: “Research has shown that there are large health benefits for people who drink single malt whiskies. Why? Single malt whiskeys have more ellagic acid than red wine.” This acid can also be found in most fruits, it is an antioxidant that can absorb the cancer cells in the body. Of course, to be absolutely sure scientists need to do more research, but let’s drink up and hope Dr. Sven is right.

5. Drinking whiskey can lower the risk of stroke. To be clear, drinking large amounts of alcohol, in any case, increases your chances of getting a stroke. However, if you can master the art of moderate consumption — that is one or two shots a day, it may protect you against ischemic stroke. Meanwhile, the number of this drink per day is better than the complete absence of the drug in the day when it comes to protecting against ischemic stroke.

6. Probably, whiskey will be able to get the title of the most expensive alcohol in the world Today, the most expensive whiskey is a 60-year-old Macallan ($ 62,000 for a bottle, there are only 40 bottles). However, a bottle of Irish whiskey of the XIX century that was put on the market worth 100,000 pounds ($200,000) now.

7. Rules of whiskey production are very strict. In 1915, for example, it was enacted into law that the minimum period of aging whiskey in wooden barrels is 2 years.

In 1916, it was increased to 3 years. During the prohibition period in the US, whiskey Laphroaig had been legally sold in drugstores as a medicine.

8. There is a special market for trade of whiskey — World Whisky Index. Today the portfolio of orders in WWI – $392,000. Buying whiskey on WWI, you will receive a certificate confirming your right to the subsequent sale of that particular bottle. Investing in whiskey is very popular among Japanese, Chinese and Russian.

9. Whiskey is resistant to cold and even subzero temperatures do not freeze it. Nothing proves this fact more than the case when the box with 100-year-old whiskey was found in Antarctica. And although it endured temperatures below -22 F, all bottles of this magical drink were in excellent condition.

10. In Scotland, a shot of whiskey is called the “dram”. At the bars, a dram is poured to just cover the bottom of a glass. When drinking with your friends, you need to determine the size of your “dram”. “Good dram” is when you can hold three fingers from the bottom.

By the way, whiskey almost never contains fats and carbohydrates. So, those people who care about their body can safely have a glass of whiskey, without fear that it will effect on their weight. In general, it does not matter if you know the origin of this elite drink or not, we can safely say that whiskey is the best solution for your bodies and souls in a circle of close friends at any time of the year.


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9 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good For You

9 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good For You

One of the classic English proverbs, which you can often hear at the pubs, says “If you don’t drink, you don’t live longer – it just seems longer”.

But actually, all the stereotypes about beer can be completely ignored. Beer allows us to live longer! Here are some scientifically proven reasons to pour a beer right now.

Beer Prolongs Life

Researchers from Virginia Tech found that people, who regularly drink beer in moderation, lower the risk of dying because of a premature death by 19%. In addition, beer helps to rejuvenate the cells of the blood vessels due to the acceleration of certain metabolic processes in the body and has a calming and analgesic effect and contributes to the inhibition of growth and reproduction of bacteria.

9 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good For You

Beer Helps to Lose weight

In society, it is a widespread stereotype that beer is fattening. But a new book by Tim Spector, a professor at King’s College London, says the opposite. It says that light beer is a good source of nutrients for beneficial intestinal bacteria that makes the digestive system more effective. In addition, beer helps to intensify the production of gastric juice, stimulates the digestive system.

Beer Helps to Fight Cancer

Beer contains some ingredients that help the human body to fight cancer. This is the conclusion of researchers from the Japanese National Institute of radiology. In particular, they found xanthohumol — a flavonoid that inhibits cancer-causing enzymes.

9 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good For You

Beer Helps the Brain to Work Normally

A study, published in the medical journal New England, found that women who drink one glass of beer a day are less likely to suffer from cognitive problems caused by aging.

Beer Actually Does Not Give the “Beer” Belly

The study, which was organized by the UCL Fund, was aimed to prove the existence of a relationship between a number of bottles a man drinks and his rounded stomach. No scientific proof of this was ever found.

“People believe that beer drinkers, on average, are more likely to suffer from obesity than others. But it’s not true. If the connection between beer and obesity exists, it is insignificant,” concluded the researchers.

9 Reasons Why Drinking Beer is Good For You

Beer has Fewer Calories than Skim Milk or Orange Juice

Considering the content of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc in beer, this liquor does not differ from orange juice —a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. But in the bubbly drink, there are fewer calories. Recently, Guinness has published statistics which proves conclusively that even heavy, dark varieties of beer contain fewer calories than any sugary drink or even skim milk. Beer hops protect from Alzheimer’s diseases.

Hops in Beer Protect from Alzheimer’s Disease

Although beer can protect you from unpleasant states when you cannot remember what happened last night, in general, it is useful to memory rather than harmful.

Xanthohumol, one of the hop compounds, according to recent research scientists, it protects the brain from age-related degenerative changes diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Beer is Full of Vitamins

“If you carefully analyze the chemical composition of good beer, you will be amazed by the amount of vitamins that it contains,” says Stefan Domenig, Director of Mayr Health Center Centre in Austria. For example, beer has many vitamins like B1 and B2, and they are present in a form that is well absorbed. One liter of this drink will provide 40-60% of the daily requirement of thiamine (B1) and Riboflavin (B2). Beer is rich with ascorbic acid. A liter of beer will give you 70% daily dose of vitamin C. And to meet the daily requirement for nicotinic and folic acids it is enough to drink just half a cup.

Beer Strengthens You

Beer helps to maintain bone density and elasticity of the joints due to the content of silicon in an easily digestible form. Who would have thought that a glass of beer after dinner can help to create a more dense bone tissue.

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7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

Going out on a date with a special one should be treated with special care specially when it comes down to choosing wine. Of course, if you are 21 and you first meet your woman at the restaurant table, you can afford to consult with the waiter which wine is best to order but if you are older or visit her at the house… she counts not only on a perfect evening spent in your company, but she also is going to evaluate you in many ways, the choice of wine is one of them.

Today, the vineyards in the U.S. employs more than 350 thousand hectares of land but only half the areas grow grapes for wine. Mostly cultivated are European varieties — Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Colombard, Cheney Blue, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, white Riesling, Gewurztraminer.


A major producer of American wine is California. All the best local wines, as well as a significant share of cheap wines, indicate the name of the grapes used. By law, the wine must contain at least 15% of grapes for the quality that is specified on the label. Most winemakers strive to use the greatest possible percentage of one grape variety in the manufacture of its wines.

What should you choose for the romantic date? We are going to tell you about the best wines and grape varieties.

Gnarly Head (Cabernet Sauvignon)

This wine has a rich red ruby color, characteristics of sour taste and is a pleasant bouquet. The wine shows powerful, generous aroma, made from the notes of black cherries, fruit jam, blackberry, black pepper and violet colors. The intriguing wine has a rich, juicy flavor with a dense texture, notes of black fruit, currants, earth, clove and spice, with firm tannins and a long, persistent aftertaste. It is well suited with lamb chops, steak, and chips, spaghetti Bolognese and aged cheeses.

Fortress — 11% – 12%

Cline Zinfandel

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic DateMade in California from the grapes of Zinfandel, this wine has a dense color with a purple tint. Full and harmonious fruit flavor, Californian wine Cline Zinfandel has a deep ruby color, rich and balanced taste with the unique tones of blackberry, raspberry, jam, cherries, blueberries, prunes, watermelon, plums, baking with raisins, rhubarb, peppers, and olives.

With Cline Zinfandel you can also feel the scents of lavender, green herbs, mint, dill, eucalyptus, chocolate, coffee beans, strawberries, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. Zinfandel wine is best to drink young, at the age of three to five years of aging. Thanks to its smooth structure and rich wine, Cline Zinfandel is a the perfect complement to red meat, grilled dishes, various spicy and salty dishes, pizza and pasta with tomato sauce.

Fortress – 12%

Paul Masson (Premium California Chablis)

Light white dry wine from grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and others. Has a light straw color, soft, little acidity, bright fruit aroma.  The wine is ideal as a standalone drink but also makes a wonderful accompaniment to the light appetizers and salads, seafood and shellfish.

Fortress – 11-12%

Johannesburg Riesling

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic DateThis is the dry white wine from the Riesling grape known in California as the Riesling Johannesburg. It has a straw color, sometimes with a greenish tinge, full-bodied taste and acidity and fine aroma. It is served in a standard glass for white wine – the bowl of the glass slightly narrower towards the top to collect all the subtle bouquet of aromas.

Wine cooled to 15 degrees and sometimes up to 10 degrees and served to the table. When chilled it is particularly nice in the summer heat. The glass warms quickly in the hand and the flavor of the drink is revealed in full.

The fortress is 11%

Star Angel (Pinot Noir)

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

A generous and harmonious wine aroma captivates the vibrant notes of fresh red berries, highlighting the background light nuances of oak.  The taste of wine includes some juicy notes of blackberry, red plum and pomegranate, complemented by nuances of oak and red tea. Smooth texture and soft tannins give the taste a special charm. The aftertaste is intense, long and elegant. The wine goes well with meat dishes and cheese.

Premium California Burgundy

Red dry table wine produced in California from grapes Petite Sirah and other varieties. As a rule, this wine has a beautiful garnet color, slight tartness.

Fortress — up to 12.5%

“Kick Ranch” Syrah

7 Wines to Choose From On Your First Romantic Date

The wine has an extraordinary aroma of violet, camphor and earthy tones. The audacious and seductive wine explodes in the mouth with juicy notes of prune, with hints of sweet tobacco and leather. This luxurious wine has a long heady aftertaste. The wine is recommended in combination with meats, pates and cheeses, served with grilled meat.

Call us now to order all your favorite wines at (310) 536-9414


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13 Deliciously Insane Drinks You Can Make with Vodka


Some people don’t drink cocktails saying that they are too expensive. But still these liqueurs are more preferable than others. Why does it remain so popular? To make it clear we considered some of them and made a list of 13 deliciously insane drinks with vodka. Can you try it overnight? (We are joking…please, don’t do it. Remember, it is forbidden to drive after drinking one of those amazing cocktails).

Let’s start then!

Swimming Pool

This drink was created in 1979 by Charles Schumann in Munich.  To try it you need to pour pineapple juice, vodka, cream and coconut milk with ice and blend the ingredients until smooth. Then, fill up the tall glass, add Blue Curacao and garnish with a pineapple spear.

Sex On The Beach

According to the official version of the International Bartenders Association this cocktail is made with vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice. The ingredients are shaken with ice in a blender and served in a highball with an orange slice for decoration. Sometimes they can be mixed with minor ailments and served as a shot.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is probably the most popular drink containing vodka, tomato juice and usually other herbs and spices. It was also called the most difficult cocktail in the world. Here is the most famous version. Put a dash of salt and pepper, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces in a highball. Next, add tomato juice, lemon and vodka. Lightly mix and garnish with a celery stalk and a lemon slice.

White Russian

The recipe is really easy. Fill the rocks glass with ice cubes. Pour vodka of a high standard, Bailey’s and Kahlua in a shaker. You can serve it with some cherries. The modern cocktails have now a lot of variations: White Canadian (with goat’s milk), Blind Russia (with Irish cream liqueur), White Mexican (with almond milk) and etc.


The history of Cosmopolitan usually is under challenge. However, this cocktail is considered to be the analog of drink with the same name found in the book “Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars” which was published in 1934. Pour Cointreau, cranberry juice, lime juice and vodka in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a large bar glass. You can garnish it with a lime slice or even freeze the glass and add some sugar on the edges.


Jack Rose

This drink was highly popular in America during the prohibition time. One of the versions says that it was named after famous New-York gangster Jack Rose, who loved this cocktail and even could have been its creator. According to another version, the authorship belongs to a law-abiding restaurateur Joseph P. Rose. Do it yourself, it’s easy and quick. You need to mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, apple vodka, lime juice and grenadine.


This drink is equally popular both for at home parties and bars. Its original taste is hard to forget and the simplicity of preparation impresses. Fill the glass with ice cubes, add vodka and orange juice, gently mix with a spoon. According to the legend, the recipe was invented by American employees who worked in Saudi Arabia in the middle of XX century. The alcohol was forbidden there. For conspiration, these sneaky workers thought to mix vodka with orange juice. They used to stir it with the help of a usual screwdriver, hence the name of it.

Cossack Charge

The ingredients are the following: vodka, cognac and cherry brandy. You need to shake everything and stir in the glass. The cocktail “Cossack Charge” appeared in the late 1980s in the US for the first time. One Russian immigrant created a recipe. It was called like this due to its alcoholic strength.

California Screw

To prepare this drink you need to add vodka, grapefruit and orange juices, ice cubes in the shaker, mix everything well and strain into a tall glass. There are not accurate facts about the creator of this cocktail but the name “screw” explains that after 3-4 rounds of drinks the average American will be screwed to the chair and he won’t be able to go far…

Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea is a unique alcohol drink which harmoniously comprises 5 types of liquors: gin, vodka, tequila, rum and apple juice. The cocktail looks and smells like iced tea. Due to these qualities, it was sold as a soft drink during prohibition time in the US Long Island Iced Tea is a really tasty drink, but very strong, so it is recommended to drink not more than 2 portions at a time.

Apple Martini

The ingredients for this cocktail are the following: vodka, apple schnapps and Cointreau. You just need to shake everything and garnish the glass with an apple slice. This exact recipe is included in the official list of cocktails by IBI. What is more interesting, Apple Martini is considered to be the official drink of Facebook approved by Mark Zuckerberg. Sounds cool, right?

Moscow Mule

You should definitely try the best Hollywood drink of the 1940s.  All ingenious is simple – Moscow Mule appeared as a result of accidental combining some ginger beer and Russian vodka. This long drink can be prepared in a very easy way. Fill the tall glass with ice cubes, beer, vodka and lime juice. Do not over mix, batter should be lumpy. There is a reliable information that Moscow Mule was informally recognized as the best alcohol drink of Hollywood and Los Angeles in 1941-42.

Salty Dog

The precise origin of this drink is unknown, but it is also connected with prohibition period. The name of it is linked to salt on the edges, this is a traditional serving. For this cocktail, you need to take a highball, grease the edges with grapefruit and put some salt on it. Pour vodka, grapefruit juice and mix everything up. The variation of this cocktail with gin is called “Greyhound”.

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What Makes King Keg The No. 1 Keg Delivery Store in Southern California?

What Makes King Keg The No. 1 Keg Delivery Store in Southern California?

L.A weekly recently named King Keg as one of the best places to buy your kegs and with the option of Keg Delivery in Southern California as well!

King Keg is a leading liquor delivery store in Southern California, located in Hawthorne. Keg beer, wine and cider will be delivered right to your doorstep, whether you are having a party, wedding or you want to buy some liquors for your bar. King Keg is the right place to call.

King Keg is not only about delivering and picking up keg shells but also about fixing any problems you may have related to the bar, kegerators or jockey box. King Keg liquor store in Hawthorne has been operating since 1996 and you won’t find any dissatisfied clients because they simply love what King Keg has to offer. It is located on Rosecrans Blvd., which helps them to organize delivery in Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Lawndale and Hermosa Beach and other parts of Los Angeles.

This is a good place with a wide range of liquors and prices. The advantages of this store are evident from the customers’ reviews. People have noted the organized staff and an excellent selection of drinks. The sellers are very nice and helpful and you won’t be disappointed because the service there is really wonderful.

Every member of the King Keg’s team is knowledgeable in every liquor they sell, keeping a fantastic selection of beer and wine on hand. You will see that the process of buying is not a simple transaction between a customer and a seller but a friendly communication, during which you will be able to choose a perfect variant for your event.

King Keg provides their customers with the fastest delivery in California. You can be sure that your order will be at your party in time and the liquors meet your order. In case you underestimate the scale of your party? Or don’t want to go somewhere for buying drinks for the weekend? The very useful and easy system assumes that all you need to do in this case is to call King Keg at (310) 536-9414 and place an

The selection of liquors is impressive. They have some regular or craft beer, unique wine, vodka, scotch, tequila, whiskey, rum and different party packages, which are able to serve up to 20 people. One of the most popular package is King Party Drinks containing vodka, gold tequila, rum Bacardi, whiskey Jim Beam, soda and several mixers like orange, cranberry juice, margarita mix, margarita salt, and cups.  Believe us, your guests will be pleased with your choice.

In case, you want to organize a bridal shower? The Margarita Package is totally for you. It includes Patron Silver, Gold tequila, 5 liters of margarita mix, grand mariner, triple sec liter, salt, strawberry puree liter and the even bag of limes!

Moreover, King Keg offers discounts and the best rates to meet the needs of every client. There is a special offer for the corporate accounts, which allows you to have more options for the fastest delivery of the high-quality liquors.

One more distinctive feature at King Keg is the possibility to buy equipment there like Keg pumps (they have both domestic and imported ones), jockey boxes (single and double) or CO2 refills. The newest services also include some margarita

The owner of the store, Tareq Amin, is very attentive to the clients and all customers know that. He perfectly knows all the variety of liquors and helps people to make the right choice considering their budget.

He personally handles all purchases, installs and maintains the process of kegs’ delivery. The policy of the store owner assumes that every client has a chance to call back anytime and ask for help. The King Keg team always fixes all problems, which clients may have during their events because the main goal of the store is to respond to customer needs.

Everybody can also use the official distribution website where you can put an order online anytime. They also have a Facebook page – the most convenient and fastest way to know the latest deals and some useful information. If you are looking for the best alcohol in Southern California, King Keg is definitely the right place for you. All the positive feedbacks on prices, service, vast and diversified selection of liquors prove well that this place is number one liquor store in Hawthorne.

Call us now at (310) 536-9414.

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7 Cocktails You Must Try Before You Die

7 Cocktails You Must Try Before You Die

Bars offer a wide selection of different cocktails and the barmen do not change the recipes for decades because it remains popular no matter how long ago the drink was created.

Today about 60 classic cocktails exist in the world but we since we can’t describe each of them, we selected the best 7 cocktails you must drink before you die.

There are a lot of legends about the cocktails’ origin but we would like to start our article with the most romantic one.

History of A Cocktail?

According to the story, in 1770 one bartender in New York lost his dear rooster. The owner declared that person who would find the rooster could marry his daughter. After a while, one officer found the animal but without its tail. The bartender had nothing to do but tell everybody about the wedding. As a result his daughter was so nervous so she started mixing different liquors which people quickly started to called “cocktail”.

Mojito Cocktail 

Mojito is a drink based on white rum and mint leaves. It became popular in the US in the 1980s. Traditionally, Mojito contains 5 ingredients – rum, sugar, lime, soda and mint. Its combination of sweet and fresh citrus with mint which probably was added to rum to hide the strength of the drink made this cocktail the most popular cocktail in the summer period. In some Havana hotels, barmen add also Angostura. In a virgin Mojito, the white rum is changed with water and cane sugar.

Mojito CocktailMojito Cocktail

Blue Hawaii

The Blue Hawaii lovers are noted for their remark-ability and individuality much like the cocktail itself. First of all, it can be explained by its unimaginable unique color – blue, as you can see below but what is extraordinary here is that the bright drink was not created in Hawaii but in the opposite direction of the world – in Zanzi Bar Nightclub (London). As a rule, this cocktail is served with lots of umbrellas and straws. To prepare this drink you need to mix Bacardi rum, pineapple, lime juices, sugar and ice, then shake it well and garnish with a pineapple slice (or some cherries).

Hawaii CocktailBlue Hawaii Cocktail


The Cosmopolitan cocktail is truly the most popular drink all over the world. In one of the versions, this cocktail was specially created with Absolut Citron Vodka to support the brand. There is information that its creator was a barwomen, Cheryl Cook from South Beach, Florida. Despite the fact that Cosmopolitan cocktail had been already popular in LGBT bars at the end of the 1970s, she declared about its creation in 1985. She was amazed by the number of people who used to order this cocktail for showing off with the martini glass in their hands.

This realization brought her an idea of creating a tasty and a beautiful drink which every person would love. Then, Toby Cecchini from Manhattan changed the recipe a bit  using Cointreau and lime juice instead of Triple Sec. This very recipe was approved by the International Bartenders Association. Cosmopolitan is usually served in the Martini glass, you need to mix vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime. Bartenders also use lemon and lime for decoration.

Cosmopolitan CocktailCosmopolitan Cocktail

The Good Ol’ Pina Colada

Pina Colada is a very sweet Caribbean cocktail. The name can be translated as “strained pineapple”. Some time ago, the fresh pineapple juice was called like that, later, people added rum and sugar to it. Finally, in the middle of the previous century in one Puerto Rican bar the latest version of Pina Colada was born. It conquered the hearts of millions of people and became the official drink of Puerto Rico. The main ingredients are rum, coconut liqueur and pineapple juice. Mix everything in a blender, add ice and strain into a glass. You can garnish it with whipped cream and some fruits.

Pina ColadaPina Colada

Daiquiri Cocktail

Currently, there is a whole group of cocktails named Daiquiri, even though there was only one original recipe. At the beginning of 20th century in the place called Daiquiri (west of Cuba), one engineer wanted to drink something, but a friend of his had nothing except rum, sugar, and ice. They mixed the drink in a shaker and called it Daiquiri. To try it you need to pour rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup in a blender, add ice cubes and shake everything well.

Daiquiri Cocktail Daiquiri Cocktail


B-52 is a layered shot of three liquors. Yes!

With the right way of preparation, coffee liqueur (for instance, Kahlua), Baileys and Marie Brizard Grand Orange are not mixed and they create three noticeable layers. There are several theories about this cocktail’s origin.

But the most convincing one is the following.

The drink was created in Alice Bar in Malibu and was called after the bomber “Boeing B-52 Stratofortress”. If you take a look at the professionally made B-52 shot you may have an association with a nuclear fusion.

Furthermore, “Boeing B 52 Stratofortress” was initially designed for transportation of such bombs. You need to pour the liquors in such way so that they won’t be mixed. To do it, pour a coffee liquor first. Then, using a spoon, pour Baileys slowly and very carefully on the top of the previous layer and add Kahlua in the same way.

B-52 CocktailB-52 Cocktail

The Renowned ‘Bloody Mary’

This legendary cocktail is surrounded by many mysteries and myths. Bloody Mary lovers were famous people like Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald. The drink got a global recognition in New-York when in St.Regis Hotel one barman Fernand Petiot decided to experiment with it and added Tabasco sauce to it.

On December 01, New York  was proclaimed as the Bloody Mary day. Initially, this drink was very simple containing only vodka and tomato juice. 15 years later, people started adding some herbs and spices too. To make it yourself, pour all liquors – tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, add Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper and ice, mix everything and strain into a highball.

Bloody Mary CocktailBloody Mary Cocktail

Stay tuned for more information regarding your favorite drinks! In order to make these drinks at home, let us keep you covered!

Call us now at (310) 536-9414 or walk in at 5241 W Rosecrans Ave
Hawthorne, California! 

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9 Reasons Why Every Guy Loves Beer Before Bride!

9 Reasons Why Every Guy Loves Beer Before Bride!

Beer is the favorite drink for most of the people in the United States. It is a fermented malt extract and you can call it a miracle. Drinking beer straight out of the pitcher and enjoying every moment, we reach the heavens, or, at least, get rid of the hell in our souls and thoughts!

But here is why beer is a million times better than a bride!

1. Beer Always Listens and Never Argues with You.

Are you tired of listening to your girlfriend / wife and fixing all her problems? Does anybody hear you? That is not a problem anymore because drinking beer is the perfect solution for you. This is a great chance to enjoy the calmness and appeasement accompanied by ‘not your girlfriend’s chattering’ but the unique beer taste. Moreover, beer never causes a scene because you smell like another liquor.

2. You Can Take the Beer Labels Off Without Asking

How much time do you spend on taking a woman’s clothes off? And how much money do you spend buying fancy dinners at the restaurant and expensive gifts?

Beer is your partner for years, you can drink it all the time without stopping and beer will never tell you “NO”. You know for sure that you are the only one who pops it open for the first time.

3. Beer Has No Mother

Every mother in law is evil deep down inside and you don’t want to visit, that is a fact. She always tells you what to do, bothers you with useless stuff and arouses your wife and kids against you (it is a global phenomenon, just by the way).

No matter what you do and how much money you spend on some gifts for her, remember, you will be a bad guy in any case. Just keep calm and open another bottle of beer. Maybe this “beer ceremony” will bring you an idea how to rig an accidental death. Just kidding, keep drinking.

4. Beer Looks the Same in the Morning

That is every man’s disaster, right? She is gorgeous in the evening and not so attractive in the morning…Every man has been there. Do you want to improve it? No problem, grab another bottle of beer and enjoy its beauty no matter what time it is.

5. Fat and Big Bottles of Beer are Especially Good

If you still have some doubts, here is the main difference. When you grab a “big bottle” you do not feel bad because it gives you much more pleasure. Beer never has a headache and does not ask you to get married.

6. Beer is Never Late

Forget about numerous hours of waiting for women. Drinking beer is a permanent procedure. Do you want it in the morning – go on and it helps you to get rid of a hangover. In the evening? It will color your loneliness. You can have a beer at any place, at any time.

7. You Can Share a Beer with Your Friends.

If you are tired of choosing between your relationships with women and friends, stop it immediately. Can you drink beer during your date? Probably, not. So, why you have to deny the things you really want. Share your beer with friends and hang out all night long. Or you can ask your friends to share. Both variants are better than listening to your girlfriend’s lectures all the time.

8. You Do Not Have to Pay Spousal Support If You Chose Another Beer

You can choose every day, the different types of beer and nobody will be mad about it. After all, drinking beer on a regular basis demands less money than going on a date once a week. You can be sure that after a scandal you do not need to leave your house and pay money to your ex-beer for a long time.

9. You Can Drink Beer in Public

Beer is always wet. It will never tell you no because you are not in the proper place and never play hard-to-get.

At first sight, it seems like this question is not correct, that a beer and a woman are impossible to compare. In fact, there is only one main feature which is common. Both are intended to bring pleasure to men. According to this point of view, our article and points were justifiable. You can have fun with beer, hang out all night and day long. And even it starts annoying you, beer won’t be calling you every day asking what happened.

Really want to have beer now? Let us deliver it to your doorstep right away!

For beer keg delivery in Los Angeles – Call us at (310) 536-9414

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What’s Your Whiskey? Let’s Find Out Today!

What's Your Whiskey?

Let’s face it, you cannot have a different whiskey every time but what whiskey really defines you? Let’s find out what whiskey are you!

What Is Your Whiskey?

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Beer Delivery in California – What You Need You to Know!

Beer delivery in California

All you need are your closest friends, your favorite Keg of Beer and a huge TV for this Super Bowl 2016 in California!

Now we know you can get your friends together and you also have the best quality TV but at the moment, you need something without leaving the party. You need King Keg!

King Keg started beer delivery in California in 2000 and ever since has been serving customers with the best customer service possible!

Beer delivery in California and been on a rise but at the end of the day, what our customers say matters! Some of the reviews below can be found on our Facebook page as well!

Customer 1 : We absolutely love King Keg, and Tariq makes the experience wonderful!We use King Keg for all of our parties, I would recommend him to anyone/everyone!!!

Customer 2 : Love King Keg! We use King Keg regularly and highly recommend him! Great customer service, and incredible drinks.

King Keg takes care of all your party needs and to make sure that you have it all cover, King Keg specializes in beer delivery in California and liquor delivery right at your doorstep! So before your friends come in and Super Bowl starts, call us and get your Kegs at your doorstep!

Get your beer delivery in California now! Open 9 Am till 1 Am!

Delivering at your doorstep with a smile! Call now at (310) 536-9414

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