Keg Delivery in California! It Is Superbowl Time!

It is Superbowl time and the best way to enjoy the game is to simply call your friends over, get a keg delivery in California and drink up!

So what should you be ordering? King Keg has a variety of Kegs that are just waiting for you to call home! King Keg delivers in different parts of Southern California and you simply just have to give us a call and tell us what you want!

King Keg has three Keg delivery packages: Jack, Queen and King!

Jack Package Keg Delivery in California:

The most basic package is the Jack Package that includes a Beer Keg, a Keg tap and Keg Registration in California! The price range varies depending on the Keg you order by the brewery.

Queen Package Keg Delivery in California:

The Queen Package is the most convenient! It includes everything that is available in the Jack package but at the same time it also comes with 40 lb of ice! Guess what? You don’t have to move during the game at all!

King Package Keg Delivery in California:

The King Package, like we define it at King Keg is a dream! The King package includes a Beer Keg, Single Nozzle Jockey – Box, CO2, Ice and Keg Registration in California!

Our Keg Delivery in California is one of the most recognized facilities as we not only deliver the Keg for you we also make sure that Keg is correctly installed for you.

Our List of Kegs! 

  • 21st Amendment Brewery Kegs in California
  • Alesmith Brewing Company Kegs in California
  • Allagash Brewing Company Kegs in California
  • Anthem Kegs in California
  • Avery Brewing Kegs in California
  • Ballast Point Kegs in California
  • Bear Republic Brewing Co. Kegs in California
  • Bell’s Kegs in California
  • Boulevard Kegs from Kansas City
  • Omme Gang Kegs in California
  • The Brewery
  • Coronado Brewing Company
  • Descautes
  • Dogfish Head
  • Be Natural Eel River
  • Figueroa
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. Kegs in California
  • Green Flash Brewing Kegs in California
  • Hangar 24 Craft Brewery Kegs in California
  • Julian Hard Cider Kegs in California
  • King Harbor Kegs in California
  • Lagunitas Kegs in California
  • Left Hand Brewery
  • Lost Coast
  • Mammoth Kegs in California
  • Modern Times
  • Mother Earth
  • Oscar Blues Kegs in California
  • Pizza Port Kegs in California
  • Refuge Kegs

(To continue seeing the list of Kegs – Visit our site here)


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Beer Delivery in Los Angeles: The World of King Keg

Beer Delivery in Los Angeles

Established on the brink of a new era, King Keg had become one of the fastest growing liquor store in Hawthorne, California. King Keg expanded over the years under the leadership of Tareq Amin and his love for making sure people enjoy their lives with his service.

From companies to Hollywood superstars, Tareq Amin has eased the convenience of people looking for a happy time.

King Keg now also delivers in the region of Southern California. It does not matter if you are a beer fan, a whiskey person or a vodka fanatic, Tareq and King Keg has it all. Only a call away, King Keg delivers to your doorstep.

In the past 15 years, Tareq has mastered the art of delivering Kegs and liquor stylishly in his ever so grand yellow Hummer! Oh yes, it is a charm to have a Hummer do beer delivery in Los Angeles.

Tareq with his love for polo and other sports, understands that there is no super bowl without a Keg of Beer! All you need to do is visit, place your order and waiting for the beer delivery!

Beer delivery in Los Angeles may be a common game but no one does it better than Tareq. Whether you need beer delivery, a whole Keg Delivery or simply a single bottle of Jack Daniels, King Keg will delivery at its earliest.

With freshly brewed beer in various varieties, Tareq has an huge inventory to satisfy your needs. More so, King Keg extensively delivers and covers events, from house parties to weddings and provide all the liquor which is required at the venue.

If you are in Hawthorne and want liquor to be delivered to your doorstep – Call now at 1-877-KING-KEG!

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King Keg Supports the LAPD

The King Delivered for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Police Academy this past weekend.




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King Keg is proud to be

number one beer keg and wine delivery

for Los Angeles and all California over the past 11 years.

All our wine products are of the best quality. We deliver wine straight to your door.
All you need to order wine in Los Angeles or wine in California is make a call to 1-877-KING-KEG.