Cold Coffee/ Kombucha on Tap


Craft Draft Coffee on Nitro

1/6th barrel Kegs – 5.16 Gallon Keg
Certifed Organic / Fair Trade
Top Flavor: Hair Raiser – Caribbean’s Signature super dark roasted blend. Blended from coffee sourced from Sumatra, Congo and Ethiopia, it shouts out verve and attitude!
Other Oferings: Etheopia Yirgachefe, Guatemala, Peru, Black Tea
$30 deposit

Growlers: $3 dollars each / Case of 12;
Custom glassware also available

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1/6th barrel Kegs – 5.16 Gallon Keg
Top favors: Gingerade and Trilogy
Other favors Hibiscus, Gingerberry, Strawberry Serenity, Passionberry Bliss
Special Order Flavors – Citrus and Cranberry
$30 deposit

48oz “Kanteens”: $3 each / case of 6;
“Kanteen” cotton carry bag: $2 each

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Health-Ade Kombucha

1/6th barrel Kegs – 5.16 Gallon Keg
Top favors: Pink Lady Apple and The Original other favors CA Grape, Pomegranate, Carrot, Beet, and Plum
$30 deposit

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