What Makes King Keg The No. 1 Keg Delivery Store in Southern California?

What Makes King Keg The No. 1 Keg Delivery Store in Southern California?

L.A weekly recently named King Keg as one of the best places to buy your kegs and with the option of Keg Delivery in Southern California as well!

King Keg is a leading liquor delivery store in Southern California, located in Hawthorne. Keg beer, wine and cider will be delivered right to your doorstep, whether you are having a party, wedding or you want to buy some liquors for your bar. King Keg is the right place to call.

King Keg is not only about delivering and picking up keg shells but also about fixing any problems you may have related to the bar, kegerators or jockey box. King Keg liquor store in Hawthorne has been operating since 1996 and you won’t find any dissatisfied clients because they simply love what King Keg has to offer. It is located on Rosecrans Blvd., which helps them to organize delivery in Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Lawndale and Hermosa Beach and other parts of Los Angeles.

This is a good place with a wide range of liquors and prices. The advantages of this store are evident from the customers’ reviews. People have noted the organized staff and an excellent selection of drinks. The sellers are very nice and helpful and you won’t be disappointed because the service there is really wonderful.

Every member of the King Keg’s team is knowledgeable in every liquor they sell, keeping a fantastic selection of beer and wine on hand. You will see that the process of buying is not a simple transaction between a customer and a seller but a friendly communication, during which you will be able to choose a perfect variant for your event.

King Keg provides their customers with the fastest delivery in California. You can be sure that your order will be at your party in time and the liquors meet your order. In case you underestimate the scale of your party? Or don’t want to go somewhere for buying drinks for the weekend? The very useful and easy system assumes that all you need to do in this case is to call King Keg at (310) 536-9414 and place an

The selection of liquors is impressive. They have some regular or craft beer, unique wine, vodka, scotch, tequila, whiskey, rum and different party packages, which are able to serve up to 20 people. One of the most popular package is King Party Drinks containing vodka, gold tequila, rum Bacardi, whiskey Jim Beam, soda and several mixers like orange, cranberry juice, margarita mix, margarita salt, and cups.  Believe us, your guests will be pleased with your choice.

In case, you want to organize a bridal shower? The Margarita Package is totally for you. It includes Patron Silver, Gold tequila, 5 liters of margarita mix, grand mariner, triple sec liter, salt, strawberry puree liter and the even bag of limes!

Moreover, King Keg offers discounts and the best rates to meet the needs of every client. There is a special offer for the corporate accounts, which allows you to have more options for the fastest delivery of the high-quality liquors.

One more distinctive feature at King Keg is the possibility to buy equipment there like Keg pumps (they have both domestic and imported ones), jockey boxes (single and double) or CO2 refills. The newest services also include some margarita

The owner of the store, Tareq Amin, is very attentive to the clients and all customers know that. He perfectly knows all the variety of liquors and helps people to make the right choice considering their budget.

He personally handles all purchases, installs and maintains the process of kegs’ delivery. The policy of the store owner assumes that every client has a chance to call back anytime and ask for help. The King Keg team always fixes all problems, which clients may have during their events because the main goal of the store is to respond to customer needs.

Everybody can also use the official distribution website where you can put an order online anytime. They also have a Facebook page – the most convenient and fastest way to know the latest deals and some useful information. If you are looking for the best alcohol in Southern California, King Keg is definitely the right place for you. All the positive feedbacks on prices, service, vast and diversified selection of liquors prove well that this place is number one liquor store in Hawthorne.

Call us now at (310) 536-9414.

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