9 Reasons Why Every Guy Loves Beer Before Bride!

9 Reasons Why Every Guy Loves Beer Before Bride!

Beer is the favorite drink for most of the people in the United States. It is a fermented malt extract and you can call it a miracle. Drinking beer straight out of the pitcher and enjoying every moment, we reach the heavens, or, at least, get rid of the hell in our souls and thoughts!

But here is why beer is a million times better than a bride!

1. Beer Always Listens and Never Argues with You.

Are you tired of listening to your girlfriend / wife and fixing all her problems? Does anybody hear you? That is not a problem anymore because drinking beer is the perfect solution for you. This is a great chance to enjoy the calmness and appeasement accompanied by ‘not your girlfriend’s chattering’ but the unique beer taste. Moreover, beer never causes a scene because you smell like another liquor.

2. You Can Take the Beer Labels Off Without Asking

How much time do you spend on taking a woman’s clothes off? And how much money do you spend buying fancy dinners at the restaurant and expensive gifts?

Beer is your partner for years, you can drink it all the time without stopping and beer will never tell you “NO”. You know for sure that you are the only one who pops it open for the first time.

3. Beer Has No Mother

Every mother in law is evil deep down inside and you don’t want to visit, that is a fact. She always tells you what to do, bothers you with useless stuff and arouses your wife and kids against you (it is a global phenomenon, just by the way).

No matter what you do and how much money you spend on some gifts for her, remember, you will be a bad guy in any case. Just keep calm and open another bottle of beer. Maybe this “beer ceremony” will bring you an idea how to rig an accidental death. Just kidding, keep drinking.

4. Beer Looks the Same in the Morning

That is every man’s disaster, right? She is gorgeous in the evening and not so attractive in the morning…Every man has been there. Do you want to improve it? No problem, grab another bottle of beer and enjoy its beauty no matter what time it is.

5. Fat and Big Bottles of Beer are Especially Good

If you still have some doubts, here is the main difference. When you grab a “big bottle” you do not feel bad because it gives you much more pleasure. Beer never has a headache and does not ask you to get married.

6. Beer is Never Late

Forget about numerous hours of waiting for women. Drinking beer is a permanent procedure. Do you want it in the morning – go on and it helps you to get rid of a hangover. In the evening? It will color your loneliness. You can have a beer at any place, at any time.

7. You Can Share a Beer with Your Friends.

If you are tired of choosing between your relationships with women and friends, stop it immediately. Can you drink beer during your date? Probably, not. So, why you have to deny the things you really want. Share your beer with friends and hang out all night long. Or you can ask your friends to share. Both variants are better than listening to your girlfriend’s lectures all the time.

8. You Do Not Have to Pay Spousal Support If You Chose Another Beer

You can choose every day, the different types of beer and nobody will be mad about it. After all, drinking beer on a regular basis demands less money than going on a date once a week. You can be sure that after a scandal you do not need to leave your house and pay money to your ex-beer for a long time.

9. You Can Drink Beer in Public

Beer is always wet. It will never tell you no because you are not in the proper place and never play hard-to-get.

At first sight, it seems like this question is not correct, that a beer and a woman are impossible to compare. In fact, there is only one main feature which is common. Both are intended to bring pleasure to men. According to this point of view, our article and points were justifiable. You can have fun with beer, hang out all night and day long. And even it starts annoying you, beer won’t be calling you every day asking what happened.

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