Wine Kegs

towerWineThe eco-friendly keg package is the smart choice for improving profit margins and operating efficiencies. Serve wine at the optimal temperature the vintner intended! Keg wine is a great value with minimal waste and stays fresh until poured.

Keg dispensing ensures quality

  • Pour consistency from the first to the last glass
  • Keep wine fresh for 90 days
  • No open bottles – wine in keg eliminates shelf-life degradation or oxidation

Improve operating efficiencies

  • No corks to pull, no bottles to stock or recycle
  • Realize maximum product yield
  • Small footprint

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Paul Dolan Vineyards Cabernet 1/6


King Keg is proud to be

number one beer keg and wine delivery

for Los Angeles and all California over the past 20 years.

All our wine products are of the best quality. We deliver wine straight to your door.
All you need to order wine in Los Angeles or wine in California is make a call to 1-877-KING-KEG.